How It Works

Electroloom_Design (1).png

1. Design a mold in CAD and make it or have it made.

Electroloom_Machine (1).png

2. Place your design in the Electroloom and turn it on. Watch your custom fabric be created.


3. Pull your finished good off the mold. That's it!


Our Technology


Our electrospinning process, dubbed Field Guided Fabrication, makes it possible for anyone with a small bit of CAD ability to design and create seamless fabric items on demand. We want to build a community and design ecosystem around this technology, and for that we'll need your help.


Our Vision for the Future

Our goal is to use the Electroloom to open the world of fashion design and manufacturing to everyone. We have a long road of R&D ahead of us, but we're already well on our way. If you're excited about the prospects of this new technology, let us know! Get in touch, and keep up with our progress via social media.